The highest standards for components under high stress

Engineering-processes in aviation are among the most challenging we handle. Complex components for extreme applications and increasing requirements for material and energy efficiency shape development and manufacturing.

By specialists for specialists

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The lowest possible material consumption, with maximum mechanical resistance: this is the central challenge we face when designing aviation solutions. At the same time, we must ensure compliance with demanding quality and safety standards, as well as customer specifications.

Against this background, surface treatment and finishing processes, and testing safety-critical components, are becoming more and more important in the production process. Thanks to diverse system developments for leading manufacturers and suppliers, we have a broad understanding of the unique requirements of the industry.

Achieving precision with perfection

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Manufacturing precision components demands perfection in each individual production step. We support the entire production process with systems for all chemical and electroplating processes (including degreasing, etching, staining, hard chromium plating, nickel coating) and selected testing processes – from design to installation and maintenance.

Almost all of our orders involve implementing complex and highly individual customer requirements. This results in custom-tailored, specialized solutions reflecting not only our experience and high commitment to quality, but also our profound flexibility.


FPI crack testing

Crack testing with fluorescent substances is a well-established procedure for safety-critical components exposed to high loads. The vastly different, and often very large-scale dimensions of components used in aviation present a unique challenge. These require systems to include transportation equipment and containers sized to fit. Precisely timing individual chemical testing steps is another, even more challenging aspect. We also develop and manufacture the equipment used to handle components within our systems. Perfectly planned and executed, our equipment ensures systems as efficient as they are reliable.