Spectrum of services


Spectrum of services

From development to maintenance: What we can do for you

AnlageEverything from a single source: We design, manufacture, and assemble plating and specialized lines for all metal an plastic surface finishing techniques – customized to your process specifications.

Manually controlled systems

In manual systems, goods are moved through the system by hand or using a chain hoist. A hardware controller is used to set and monitor the individual bath parameters. Upon request, a small PLC can be installed for regulation and logging purposes.

The electroplater sets the exposure time for the individual baths on each bath. The quality of the individual process steps, and therefore the parts themselves, is therefore greatly dependent on the precision of system personnel. Manual systems are used when semi- or fully automated operation would not be reasonable from an economic or technological standpoint.


Automatically controlled systems

In automated systems, parts are moved through the plant using a hoist in a fully-automatic, PLC controlled process. The bath parameters, the exposure time for parts in the baths, and the process steps are all saved in the PLC. The system runs through the process fully automatically. Operating personnel are primarily responsible for monitoring the system. Fully automated systems can significantly optimize manufacturing processes for small and large-scale series production through precision and economic efficiency (consumption quantities, energy management).


Specialized systems

Our main focus, and our core area of expertise, is developing and designing systems optimized around individual customer requirements. Whether these are process technology, safety-related, or quality assurance criteria – our broad production expertise from draft to assembly provides us with the best possible flexibility.

We always consider all peripheral system equipment, such as water and media supply equipment, air supplies and exhaust systems, or specialized testing systems and associated documentation. Our systems are designed to provide the best possible energy and material efficiency.