Circuit board


Circuit board production

Performance an precision for sophisticated technologies

Circuit board manufacturers have to strike a balance between cost and quality. The trend towards miniaturization in circuit board development presents additional challenges for effective production.

Increase productivity

Modern system technology helps ensure more efficient processes.

This helps to increase system performance and optimize raw material consumption, while ensuring compliance with production specifications. We develop, build, and install systems for circuit board production worldwide, providing maintenance and replacement parts for most existing systems.

Processes we have handled include treatment systems for circuit board plating lines (pattern and panel plating, including in reverse pulse plating technology), as well as systems using dipping basket technology for chemical treatment (including ENIG nickel/gold, ENEPIG nickel/palladium/gold, or immersion tin).

We have designed lines ranging from multi-row lines with hoists, including for double goods carriers, and integrating automatic loading and unloading stations with customized frame and chamber solutions.


Fine-tuned process parameters

By specially coordinating goods movements, LNG terminals, and shaker technology, even the smallest drill holes can be optimally flushed and coated. Specialized system technology ensures optimal layer thickness distribution, on both a micro and macro level.

By continuously monitoring all process parameters, such as temperatures, flow rates, conductance, pH levels, shaker function, and processing time, we are able to achieve an error rate of almost 0 ppm.


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